2. Crippen Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear:

    This fall collection by Crippen is as functional and wearable as it is stylish and fashionable. Combining classic menswear pieces and street inspired looks to a very understated ensemble is the formula that is seen throughout this collection. Plenty of leather and knitwear are on display, I think the collection shows the modern LA women; from work to the bar, the level of formality and ease makes the transition seamless.

  3. What a wonderful evening.

  4. It’s a constant debate for me on what I prefer; English or Italian tailoring. For the most part italian tailors create lighter and more relaxed garments, the shoulders are usually softer and more natural. This picture to me is a great example of soft italian tailoring. Look at the easy way the lapel rolls down to the middle button, and the softness of the shoulder…
The English are more structured with heavier padding in the shoulders and a more rigid cut silhouette. Many English tailors are inspired by a military cut that uniformed officers wear, that could be a reason for the unique strong cut. The picture above shows what I think is a pretty good representation of English tailoring. Personally, I like a English cut with italian construction.
    It’s all preference. Which style do you prefer?

  5. Proper Jacket Length:

    With the uproar of very short jackets in mens fashion today, let us try and pinpoint the ideal jacket length of the classic gentleman… The general rule of thumb is for the jacket to be long enough to cover the seat, but short enough for you to be able to cup the bottom of the jacket with your hands. One disadvantage to the shorter length jacket is it’s inability to properly proportion your body length. With the proper jacket length it will evenly break up your upper & lower body height creating a cleaner and more symmetrical look.

    (The picture above shows the ideal jacket length, in my opinion.)

  6. Paul Stuart - Phineas Cole Spring 2014:

    It should be no secret about my love for Paul Stuart. Their Phineas Cole collection is the more bold side of the brand that’s complete with everything a man needs in his closet. Throughout the last few seasons Phineas Cole has been prominent in the use of the double breasted waistcoat, it’s prominently featured in this collection also. (The odd contrasting waistcoat is something I’ve never been a fan of personally.) All jackets feature a more casual hacking pockets and a fashionably high button stance, that is mainly featured with a one button peak lapel model jacket. Shirts are cut with spread and cutaway collars. I love the mixing of the patterns, like the combination of striped shirts and dotted ties…Creative Director Ralph Auriemma says the Phineas Cole man is a elegant dresser that’s is very about town. This collection fits the confident and bold gentlemen, you will look refined and elegant, and I think that’s the look Paul Stuart continues to do a great job in portraying. 

  7. Chicago Gentlemen’s Brunch:

    This Sunday on a cold afternoon 5 like minded style enthusiast came together for brunch… Here’s a few Photographs of us from Sunday.


  8. Gentlemen’s Vogue Tip #5: Fit is everything! 

  9. McQ Alexander McQueen 2014 Ready-To-Wear:

    Vibrant colors. This collection features comic book strip is pasted on t-shirts & leather pants, peak lapeled flannel top coats,  knee high leather boots, distressed jeans, fur trimmings on motorcycle jackets as well as a draped tops that angled and hit the knee; the fabric looked like tulle. The Japanese influence is felt, apart from the comic book strip. A sweater in the collection says “London” in Japanese letters. McQ is a diffusion line from the McQueen brand, with the attention to appealing to a different demographic at a lower price point with younger designs.

  10. Navy and Purple